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(Postponed - new dates soon) Synergy 5 Day Online Retreat

Updated: Jan 4

🌟 You're Invited to the Synergy 5 Day Online Retreat! 🌟

We are thrilled to extend our warmest invitation to another Synergy Online Retreat, a transformative 5-day online meditation journey that encourages the embodiment of truth, exploring limiting beliefs and letting go of identities. This unique retreat, crafted from the synergy of multiple modalities and a few wonderful teachers coming together to support your journey, will take place from TBD and offers a range of enriching experiences that will hopefully be a space to dismantle identity.

Additional details and sign up below.

*You are not required to attend the entire retreat but I encourage you to attend full days when possible.

🧘‍♀️ Group Intuitive Inquiry Sessions: Join experienced facilitator Violet Richele in profound group inquiry sessions. In these intimate gatherings, we explore direct experiences through a group exercise, followed by 15-20 minute one-on-one inquiries. Participants share and explore their experiences, engaging with energies, emotions, and thought patterns. The group dynamic supports full acknowledgment, acceptance, and expression, revealing the impersonal nature of seemingly individual experiences. Gain insight into the universality of human existence as we collectively dismantle identity constructs.

💃 Somatic Expression - Conscious Movement Workshops: Embark on a transformative journey of embodying energy through movement, where you connect with your powerful inner energies. Guided by Violet, the sessions explore conscious movement, ecstatic dance, and acting embodiment techniques, facilitating the release of long-repressed emotions into full expression. No dance experience is needed; this transcends conventional dance, offering a profound exploration of uninhibited expression. With dynamic music and voice guidance, embrace vulnerability, celebrating the vibrant spectrum of energies and emotions. It's time to move, feel, and take up space wherever you are.

🎶 Live Sound Synergy: Immerse yourself in the therapeutic sounds of Violet's Sound Synergy Meditations. Allow the harmonious resonance of sound to dissolve tension, and open a space of profound exploration.

🎤 Special Guest Facilitators: We are honored to welcome Guest Speakers (TBD), who will share profound wisdom and answer any questions that arise in you during retreat. 

The Synergy Online Retreat is open to individuals of all levels, whether you are a seasoned meditator or just beginning your journey. Together, we will create a space where compassion, balance, and transformation can flourish.

Event Details: 📅 Dates: January 23rd - January 27th, 2024

🌐 Location: Online through ZOOM

🚨🚨 Secure your spot now and join us for this explorative experience.

Step 1: Check schedule and commitment and see if it resonates with your heart.

SCHEDULE: (Australia & UK schedule posted below)


Tuesday - Friday MST 

8:00 am - 8:30 am        Silent Meditation (Chad’s zoom link) 

8:40 am - 9:20 am        Tuesday Opening Talk Logistics - (main zoom link)  

                                       Wed - Sat Poetry / Reading - (Chad’s zoom link) 

9:30 am - 10:00 am      Silent Meditation (Chad’s zoom link)

10:20 am - 11:00 am    Sound Synergy (YouTube - links above) 

11:00 am - 12:20 pm    Lunch (80 min) 

12:20 pm - 1:20 pm      Movement Meditation (main zoom link)

1:30 pm - 2:00 pm        Silent Meditation (Chad’s zoom link)

2:10 pm - 3:40 pm         Talk / Intuitive Inquiry with Violet (main zoom link)

3:50 pm - 4:20 pm        Silent Meditation (Chad’s zoom link) 

4:20 pm - 5:40 pm        Dinner Break (80 min)

5:40 pm - 7:10 pm        Talk / Q&A (main zoom link)

         Tuesday & Thursday with Angelo Dilullo

                                              Wednesday with TBD

                                             Friday with TBD

7:20 pm - 8:00 pm        Silent Meditation (Chad’s zoom link)

Saturday MST 

8:00 am - 8:30 am        Silent Meditation (Chad’s zoom link) 

8:40 am - 9:20 am        Poetry / Reading - (Chad’s zoom link) 

9:30 am - 10:00 am      Silent Meditation (Chad’s zoom link)

10:20 am - 11:00 am    Sound Synergy (YouTube - links above) 

11:00 am - 12:20 pm    Lunch (80 min) 

12:20 pm - 1:20 pm      Movement Meditation (main zoom link)

1:30 pm - 2:10 pm        Silent Meditation (Chad’s zoom link)

2:20 pm - 3:00 pm         Closing

(After paying do not close your browser as you will be redirected to zoom to register for the retreat.)

Please do not let the cost be a barrier. Noone will be turned away due to finacial hardship. If you cannot afford the full cost of the retreat, please reach out via email so we can make an arrangment for you to pay the amount you can comfortably afford.

Step 3: Register on zoom

Step 4: Check your email immediately and save the email with zoom link. Everything in Blue on the schedule will be hosted on Chad’s link which will be found in the schedule doc the day of retreat.

Everything else will be accessed by the zoom link in your registration confirmation email, everyone will have their own link so please don’t share your link.


Step 5: Give your dog or cat a belly rub, says Kleo Pie

We look forward to sharing this transformative journey with you at the Synergy Online Retreat!

All my heart, Violet Richele (Alice) & Team

📧 For inquiries, contact us at [] 🌸 Follow us on [] for updates and announcements.


A private session or meditation retreat with Violet-Richele is NOT a replacement for or substitute to face-to-face, in- person, qualified medical, psychological, psychiatric or legal advice, diagnosis or treatment. Violet-Richele is not a medical doctor nor a licensed psychotherapist. Violet-Richele does not diagnose, cure, heal, or treat disease or psychological conditions or otherwise prescribe any kind of medication whatsoever. If you think you are suffering from a medical or psychological disorder or condition, please consult your doctor or other appropriately qualified professional person or service immediately.

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