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Violet Synergy Mission


The mission for is to be a place where truth is available and shared for anyone who yearns to wake up from the dream of separation.  I know in my heart anyone can wake up.  Life is already unfolding right before our eyes, there is no sense that any of it is personal.  My only goal is to show up for you and to see what is unfolding, to see clear what is the radical truth of the moment.

And to investigate the direct experience. 

Everything is welcome here, everyone is welcome here.  

An Awakening quest is not an easy quest by any means, but it is the most valuable quest anyone can embark on.  Everyone deserves the right to know and live in embodiment of what our true essence is. 

I feel lucky to get to know each of you in such a intimate way, to share together the most vulnerable parts of the Self, and to explore how identity seems to bind to the dynamics of the mind.  

Who are we before that sense of separation?

Donations help Violet Synergy support and sponsor others as well as the growth of the business. There is a handful of people Violet works with on going through the process of awakening whom truly can't afford to pay for one on one sessions, or retreats. Your support is very helpful and greatly appreciated. 

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