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This is a signed copy of my poetry book signed directly to you.  There will only be a limited availablility of this signed copy. 


About this collection


Following a transformative Awakening five years ago, poetry began to rouse me from sleep with a compelling urgency. Prior to that moment, I had never considered myself a poet, nor had I harbored any inclination towards poetry or even read it. The origin of these words left me awe-struck, defying adequate description. This wellspring of inspiration emerges from life's intricate tapestry—be it the graceful flight of a bird from a tree, the artistry of bees fashioning honey, or the subtle manifestations of illusion seamlessly interwoven with one's own experiences.


Untethered is a compilation of poems derived from the enigmatic realm of life itself, evoking an unparalleled sense of mystery. It has become undeniably clear to me that crafting a book from these poems carries a resounding message: when we wholeheartedly surrender to an inward journey, extraordinary occurrences unfold. I am certain that this mystery resides within each of us. This book stands as my love letter to you. It is an invitation to investigate your heart's deepest truth—Unfolding in the very fabric of your existence, encouraging not only your mind to absorb these words, but your entire being to listen and actively engage. Tap into the dancing spirit that I know resides within you. Dare to ask yourself the most important questions and explore the depths of your being.


This book is a real treasure trove of potent non-dual poetry. These are not mere poems. They are certainly poetic; they transmit powerful imagery; they use language in precise ways that induce profound emotional experiences; they give the reader access to remote and overlooked parts of themselves. And yet, each one is a potent catalyst whose effect goes beyond what can reasonably be expected by reading a good poem.

- Dr. Angelo Dilullo (Author of Awake - It’s your turn)


The words spill out of the pages! This book is like a patchwork of jewels, vibrantly expressive, multidimensional and playfully interwoven. Here is a candid account of an artist’s affair with her innermost truth. Like a poignant lullaby, the cadence of the words conveys an expression that is luscious, tender, comical, and clever. Each poem is a riddle, dismantling convention, rearranging our frames of reference and pushing us beyond the bounds of what we imagine ourselves to be. Enjoy the ride!

- Alma Campiani (PsyM)


"A taste of truth is like a trickle of water in the desert for the weary and thirsty traveler. Violet's poetry is an oasis of gentle, powerful love, and if I listen carefully to the words and the silence, I can almost hear home calling."

- Damian Hardy (Fellow Traveler)

Untethered A dream within a dream... Poetry Book (Special Signed Copy)

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