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Investigate Your True Essence!

Offering support for anyone yearning to end personal suffering and to live a life guided by instinct and intuition.  To share from an authentic place without the hinderance from unconscious behaviors and beliefs. 

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Guided Meditation & Group Satsang

May 7th & 28th, 2023  1pm - 3pm MDT - Join on Patreon
July 2nd & 23rd, 2023  1pm - 3pm MDT - Join on Patreon
June 4th & 25th, 2023  1pm - 3pm MDT - Join on Patreon

“Somehow, out of this going nowhere-ness of it all, it no longer matters if there is suffering or bliss.  When I look directly into your eyes, I see an aliveness dancing.  In the eyes of a stranger, I see my greatest lover.  I see colors dancing.  I see life loving so deeply.  Even in a shallow pond I see this radiant, unspoken life.  I don't see suffering in the same way, though my heart could never ignore your pain." 

-Violet Richele (Alice)