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Violet provides a range of support options for those embarking on their awakening journey. Her sessions are characterized by an intuitive approach, meaning she doesn't adhere to a specific format or structure. Instead, she tailors the session to your unique needs. Violet employs a variety of modalities, such as Self Inquiry, Emotion work techniques, focusing, investigating beliefs and identity, as well as somatic modalities, to ensure a comprehensive and personalized experience.


(Sliding scale pricing)

A one-on-one session with Violet is used to explore your direct experience and suffering or struggle with what is. Using inquiry as a powerful tool, we delve into thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and body traumas. Suffering, often rooted in resistance to what is, finds an opportunity for neutralization through Intuitive Inquiry, creating a space where body and mind can seamlessly align with the natural environment. Our focus is not on philosophical discussions or stages of awakening; instead, we instinctively trust in the importance of reaching the root of suffering. In this process, a welcoming, non-judgmental space of exploration is key. Beyond necessity, I recognize the profound power of this work and honor its significance. 


Guided Meditation and Group Exploration of Non-Duality. All are invited to join this inclusive space. Satsang is a gathering for those yearning for truth,  where Violet speaks directly from the present moment experience, addressing whatever arises. 
This is a stand alone meeting if you would like to join us for 2 sessions a month plus access to the recordings please join as a member on Patreon.
Meetings are on zoom, you will receive the link in your booking confirmation email.


Text, Audio and Video messaging support (Asymmetric). Texting or voice messages alone can facilitate powerful transmission. By purchasing this service, you will be able to connect with Violet through the Telegram app as frequently as necessary to aid and encourage your Awakening journey.


Explore profound group inquiry sessions led by experienced facilitator Violet Richele. In these intimate gatherings, of no more than 10 individuals, we delve into the profound exploration of direct experience. Beginning with a group exercise, we then transition into 15-20 minute one on one inquiries, inviting participants to share and explore their experiences. Through various inquiry techniques, we engage with the energies, emotions, and thought patterns present, creating a space for full acknowledgment, acceptance and expression. The power of the group dynamic becomes evident as we collectively support each other in dismantling the constructs of identity, revealing the impersonal nature of what seems like individual experiences, gaining insight into the universality of human existence.


Embodying Energy through Movement, a transformative journey where you are invited to connect with the powerful energies within you. Guided by Violet, the sessions dive into the art of conscious movement, ecstatic dance, acting embodiment techniques; enabling the release of these energies, including long-repressed emotions, into full expression. No dance experience is necessary, as this session transcends conventional dance; it's a profound exploration dedicated to cultivating space for uninhibited expression. Through the dynamic interplay of music and voice guidance, we invite you to embrace vulnerability, celebrating the vibrant spectrum of energies and emotions. It's time to move, feel, and take up space right where you are.


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"coming soon."

Please message Violet on Skype to request a 1:1 Session. 

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